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About Us

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We have a reputation for quality second to none. We are dedicated to bringing the art of custom coach building to the highest standard. Classic Car Restoration is our passion and our business. Our goal is to learn, understand and perfect each and every car being restored. There is only one-way to restore the body and soul of a classic car: the right way.


We put our heart and soul into each restoration and a little bit of ourselves rolls out of the shop with each car. We meticulously restore each car as if it were our own, making sure each car is the best of the best. Every restoration we complete can be picked out of a crowd of cars, each one being recognized for the detailed work that has become our signature.


Every full restoration is a min. of 3000 hrs to 4000 hrs. We do it all: mechanics, chassis, bodywork, panel beating, metal fabrication, woodworking, framing, electrics, interior and top. All work and detail is done in shop and approved by Richard; his standard for excellence goes into each part of every car. Only machining and chrome are done elsewhere and approved by Richard.







Founder and Owner

Richard Grenon

Founder, Richard Grenon has been into cars all his life. At the age of 14, Richard bought his first car and turning it into a street rod that he finished and drove when he got his license. During the earlier years he built and modified many cars. In 1981 he opened his own shop in Montreal. Au Temps Tic Auto has always surpassed itself on quality by paying attention to every little detail.


Nicolas Grenon

Following in his father’s footsteps, Nicolas has been learning the craft since he was very young. Currently working towards getting his Engineering degree at Concordia University, Nicolas is now working under his father’s wing full time. With keen business acumen, Nicolas continues to learn and plans on expanding the business in the future.